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Passionate Pens In Pursuit of Truth
Azerbaijan Literature
Spring 2004 (12.1)

   "Ali & Nino" by Kurban Said
in 29 Languages - More than 85 Book Covers

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12 Editorial: Passionate Pens in Pursuit of Truth, Azerbaijan Literature - Betty Blair

14 Vagif Samadoghlu, Poetry

21 Ali Karim, Poetry

22 Anar, Short Story: "Me, You, Him and the Telephone"

30 Natig Rasulzade, Short Story: "Tram"

34 Khalil Reza Uluturk, Poetry

36 Memoir: My Father Abdulla Shaig - Kamal Talibzade

40 Abdulla Shaig, Poetry

42 Mir Jalal Pashayev, Short Story: "Dried Up in Meetings"

44 Bakhtiyar Vahabzade, Poetry

46 Akram Aylisli, Short Story: "The Heart is Something Strange"

52 Ismayil Shikhli, Short Story: "Aunt Maleyka"

57 Ramiz Rovshan, Poetry

58 Elchin, Short Story: "Yellow Bride"

64 Vagif Bayatly Oner, Poetry

66 Chingiz Abdullayev, Detective Short Story: "Retaliatory Blow"

76 Afaq Masud, Short Story: "Dormitory"

80 Samid Aghayev, Short Story: "On Loving Your Neighbor"

82 Fikrat Goja, Short Story: "Adam and Fatmanisa" and Poetry

84 Magsud Ibrahimbeyov, Short Story: "On a Beautiful Day"

90 Magsud Ibrahimbeyov, Short Story: "Goodbye, 'Milady'"

94 Rustam Ibrahimbeyov, Short Story: "Music Lesson"

98 Mammad Araz, Poetry

100 Memoirs: Poet Samad Vurghun as Father - Aybaniz Vurghungizi

106 Samad Vurghun, Poetry

107 Almas Ildirim, Poetry

108 Yusif Samadoghlu, Short Story: "Flowers"

112 Elchin Huseinbeyli, Short Stories: "Letters of a Gray Donkey" and "Reply to Gray Donkey"

116 Sabir Ahmadli, Fragment from Novel: "Love of Heaven"

118 Kamran Nazirli, Short Story: "The Old Baby"

124 Betty Blair, Poetry (English and Azeri Latin)

129 New Faces / New Places / Opportunities

130 BP Current Developments

133 Exxon Azerbaijan: Involvement with Education and Refugees in Azerbaijan

134 Devon: Refurbishment of the TB Sanatorium

From Azerbaijan International (12.1) Spring 2004.
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