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Autumn 1998 (AI 6.3)

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Front cover: Legends - Tales that Shape Society. Legends are stories based on tangible facts from the past, such as geographic location, extraordinary accomplishments or charismatic figures. Though the tales often become exaggerated over time, they identify social values and thus provide insight into contemporary life. Art work: Courtesy 1997 AIOC Calendar featuring Dada Gorgud, Artist: Ismayil Mammad, Studio: (99-412) 95-36-20, 76-17-59, Design: Pirouz Khanlou.

Back cover: Fruits of Autumn - quince and pomegranate for sale at a roadside stand outside of Baku. Photo: Betty Blair, Design: Pirouz Khanlou; Graphics: Mitra Vatankhah

Reader's Forum

9 President Aliyev's Visit to the U.K.

11 Editorial: Legends - Tales that Shape Society

12 Presidential Elections: 1998 - Adil Bagirov

13 New Election Laws in Azerbaijan

15 Quotable Quotes

16 Baku Diary: Coming Back Home

20 Dada Gorgud: Mother of All Books - Anar

22 Dada Gorgud: A Bride for Khan Turali

24 Remembering Gara Garayev: 80th Jubilee - Azad Sharifov

33 The Legend of Leyli and Majnun - Jean-Pierre Guinhut, French Ambassador

39 Eric Clapton: Crazy About "Layla" - Jean Patterson

40 Making Sense of Azerbaijan's Legends - Tahir Talibli, Ahmad Oghuz and Jala Garabova

42 Loyalty, Bravery and Passion: Personal Names from Legendary Heroes - Jala Garabova

44 The Bibi-Heybat Mosque: When Legends Shape Reality - Azad Sharifov

46 The Bird in Your Hand - Toni Morrison's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (1993)

51 The Legend of Sumgayit - Fuad Akhundov

56 Dr. Michael DeBakey Visits Azerbaijan - Jean Patterson

57 Viewpoint: Legends and the Soviet Period - Vagif Samadoglu

58 Mir Jalal: 90th Jubilee - Hafiz Pashayev (Azeri in Latin script, 60-61)

59 Used to Scoldings: A Short Story - Mir Jalal

63 Sattar Khan: Contemporary Legendary Hero - Abulfazl Bahadori (Azeri in Arabic script)

64 Azerbaijan's Refugees: Boxcars, Dugout Shelters and Promises to Keep - Elin Suleymanov

67 Linguistic Milestones: Azerbaijani-English Dictionary - Oruj Musayev

68 Transitioning to a New Mentality - Urkhan Alakbarov

70 Just for Kids: Azerbaijan, Land of Flames - Maharram Gasimli

73 Business and Opportunities

76 New Faces / New Places

81 SOCAR Section: Britain, Baku Oil and the Cycle of History - Terry D. Adams

85 SOCAR Contracts: Kurdashi, Araz, Kirgan Daniz (85), Southwest Gobustan (87), Inam (89), Alov, Araz, Sharg (91), Muradkhanli (93)

97 Shah Daniz-Istiglal Drilling Rig Rebuilt

98 NAOC: Humanitarian Developments

100 AIOC: Current Developments - Tamam Bayatly

102 First Days: - An Interview with John Hoholick, Exxon's Technology Manager

Azerbaijan International (6.3) Autumn 1998.
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