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The Literature of Stalin's Repressions
Spring 2006 (14.1)

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6 Contributors - Gumral Sadigzade, Dr. Mirza Baghirov, Turan Ibrahimov, Sunyakhanim "Husniyya" Javadova, Fazil Najafov

12 Reader's Forum

15 Editorial: Azerbaijan's Literature of Stalin's Repressions - Betty Blair

16 Books is Azeri about Stalin's Repressions

18 Stalin's Death: His Legacy Still Haunts Us - Reflections Upon Stalin's Death - Murtuz Sadikhli

20 Prison Camps in Azerbaijan

22 Books: Quotable Quotes - Do Literary Memoirs Really Matter?

24 Memoirs of 1937: Burning Our books - The Arabic Script Goes Up in Flames - Aziza Jafarzade

25 Stalin's Family Links with Baku

26 Ahmad: Seven Days in 1937 - The Trauma of Stalin's Early Repressions - Ahmad Jafarzade

31 Poetry of Consciousness - Ahmad Jafarzade

32 Bayati Poetry: Laments in the Prison Camp - Collection by Ahmad Jafarzade

34 Ogtay Sadigzade: Targeting the Arts - Son of an "Enemy of the People"

40 Ummugulsum: Prison Diary - "Tears Are My Only Companions" - Ummugulsum Sadigzade

46 Bayil Prison: Our eyes Full of Tears - Our Hearts Broken - Poetry of Ummugulsum Sadigzade

48 Letters! Letters!: The Heartache of Separation - Too Many Springs, Too Many Winters - Ummugulsum Sadigzade

54 Art Book: Gulag in Art - Nikolai Getman - A Former Prisoner Remembers

58 Kolyma: Off to the Unknown - Stalin's Notorious Prison Camps in Siberia - Ayyub Baghirov

72 Sadikhli: Mass Deportation to Siberia - "No More Tears Left to Cry" - Murtuz Sadikhli

80 Ahmad Javad: Stalin's Legacy - Wiping Out Azerbaijan's Brightest Thinkers - Yilmaz Akhundzade

84 Shukur: Arrest in Broad Daylight - "Reformatory House" - Shukur Habibzade

90 Stalin's Legacy: Dissolution of the Family - "Don't Wait for Me" - Naila Hasanova

95 Opportunities/New Faces: Fifth Annual Reunion "Celebrating Our Families"

96 Mehdi Husein: First Novel About Exile - "Underground Rivers Flow Into the Sea" (1964)

100 Petroleum: BP Developments - President Aliyev Visits Zykh Construction Yard - Tamam Bayatli

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