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Folklore: Ties That Bind
Winter 2004 (12.4)

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6 Contributors

10 Reader's Forum

13 Holiday Calendar - 2005

16 Editorial: Ties That Bind - Betty Blair

18 Tribute: Ujal Hagverdiyev: Of Angels and Archangels

22 Tribute: Mammad Araz: The Poet's Pen, Mightier Than a Sword - Akram Aylisli

24 Baku Slavic University: Honorary Doctorates for Presidents in Russia, Bulgaria and Greece

25 Tribute: Ismikhan Rahimov - In Defense of My Mother Tongue - Betty Blair

26 Best Story of 2004: Radio Liberty: Portrait of Faig Karimov - Huseinova

28 Inna Kostina: Azerbaijani Artist Wins Norwegian Cultural Grant

30 UNOCAL presents Vagif Mustafazade's Mugham Jazz: 6CDs

32 Tar Concert: Ramiz Guliyev: 40 Years of Performance

33 Garmon Concert: Rahman Asadollahi Performs with World-Renown Kronos Quartet

34 Education: Disadvantaged Children - Dreaming about Possibilities - Harnish


Advice Through the Ages - Staff of Azerbaijan International

44 Gender: Creators of Folklore: The Nurturing Role of Woman-as-Mother - Aziza Jafarzade

48 Superstitions: Black Cats, Bleak Mondays, and Broken Mirrors - Gulnar Aydamirova

50 Kid's Games: Counting-Out Rhymes: Children's Love of Rhyme, Rhythm and Alliteration - Aynura Huseinova

56 Ashug Music: The Poet Minstrels of Azerbaijan - Anna Oldfield Senarslan

58 Ashug Pari Majlisi: Women Performers of Legend and Folk Poetry - Anna Senarslan

62 Ashug Music: So You Want to Become an Ashug - Anna Oldfield Senarslan

66 Folk Medicine: Lion Hearts, Rhinoceros Horn and Wolf Paws - Farid Alakbarli

68 Childagh: How to Cure a Bad Case of Nerves - Farid Alakbarli

72 Fairy Tales: Scary Tales Our Grandmothers Told Us - Aydamirova and Aliyeva

74 Sociolinguistically Speaking, Part 17: Expressing Quantity and Quality - Jala Garibova and Betty Blair

77 New Faces / New Places

78 Sport: Biking Adventures: Breathtaking Views, Steep Descents and Snarling Dogs - Constance Page

84 BP Current Developments: "Golden Weld" Ceremony Links Azerbaijan and Georgia - Tamam Bayatli

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