Azerbaijan International

(Listed alphabetically by last name)

Fallavollita, Alessandro (Italian Ambassador to Azerbaijan)
Azerbaijan - European or Asiatic? (AI 5.4, Winter 1997)

Gasimzade, Elbey (Baku Chief City Architect)
A Plea to Future Architects (AI 6.4, Winter 1998)

Geyer, Georgie Anne (Distinguished U.S. Journalist)
The Soviet Peoples - Behind the Façade (AI 7.1, Spring 1999)

Goble, Paul (Assistant Director of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)
Weakening of Russian Dominance (AI 5.1, Spring 1997)
Boost Culture, Don't Simply Give Cash (AI 5.2, Summer 1997)
East - West Tensions Growing (AI 7.4, Winter 1999)

Guliyev, Vilayat (Azerbaijan Minister of Foreign Affairs)
Terrorism under Any Guise (AI 9.4, Winter 2001)

Guluzade, Vafa (Foreign Policy Adviser to President Heydar Aliyev)
West, Unforgivable Silence (AI 5.3, Autumn 1997)
Good Neighbors (AI 6.3, Autumn 1998)

Havel, Vaclav (President of the Czech Republic)
People's Trust, Unchanged (AI 7.4, Winter 1999)

Heinze, P. and Enders Wimbush (Heinze formerly served in the National Security Council, and Wimbush, former Director of Radio Liberty, now works for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
U.S./ Iran Policy Contradictory (AI 5.1, Spring 1997)

Heyerdahl, Thor (Norwegian archeologist-historian)
Earlier Civilizations - More Advanced (AI 8.3, Autumn 2000)

Ibrahimbeyov, Rustam (Azerbaijani Novelist and Screenwriter)
Artists Initiate Change (AI 5.3, Autumn 1997)

Jafarzade, Aziza (Azerbaijani Writer)
Empires Always Collapse (AI 11.3, Autumn 2003)

Jones, A. Elizabeth (U.S. Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs)
Promise of Commitment (AI 9.4, Winter 2001)

Karimov, Faig (Teacher at the Baku State University of Languages)
Invisible Energy Within Us
(AI 11.4, Winter 2003)

Kuchma, Leonid (
President of Ukraine)
Armenia - Nothing Gained
(AI 8.1, Spring 2000)

Laye, Didier (Head of UNHCR in Azerbaijan since 1997)
Dreaming of Home (AI 9.4, Winter 2001)

Mammad, Galib
(Director of U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce)
New Geopolitical Struggles (AI 6.2, Summer 1998)

Maresca, John (U.S. Mediator on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict)
The Caucasus - Where to Assign It? (AI 5.2, Summer 1997)
Repeal of U.S. Ban on Aid - Section 907 (AI 6.4, Winter 1998)

Mehdiyev, Agshin (Azerbaijan Minister of Foreign Affairs)
Effects of U.S. Law - No Peace
(AI 8.4, Winter 2000)

Mirgasimov, Ogtay (Azerbaijani Film Director)
Azerbaijan Undergoing Change (AI 5.3, Autumn 1997)

Nobel, Alfred
Inherited Wealth - Don't Give it to Your Children (AI 11.3, Autumn 2003)

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