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Weakening of Russian Dominance

"The efforts that Azerbaijan and Georgia are making to cooperate will contribute to their own independence even as it lessens Russian dominance in the region. Every time two or more countries within the CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States] decide to cooperate with each other more than with other CIS states, the importance of that institution declines not only for them but for all other states as well. And as a result, the cooperation accord that Shevardnadze and Aliyev signed in Baku this week may prove more strategic in its implications than either intends-even if not one drop of Azerbaijani oil, in fact, flows across Georgia anytime soon."

Paul Goble, Assistant Director of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, in a broadcast analysis on February 20, 1997.

Boost Culture, Not Cash
"The notion that getting money into the hands of a poor population is the best way to ensure that its children will not live in poverty continues to influence much Western thinking about how to overcome the economic difficulties of post-communist countries. But those who want to help should give more attention to cultural issues than to cash. In the long run, culture is likely to trump cash in the struggle for a better future."

Paul Goble, Assistant Director of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, in a broadcast analysis on April 30, 1997.

East - West Tensions Growing
"A new union treaty between Belarus and the Russian Federation on December 8, 1999 threatens the prospects for democracy in both countries and destabilization of the former Soviet region. As well, it is likely to exacerbate tensions between Moscow and the West - tensions that, as a result of Moscow's campaign in Chechnya, already are higher than at any point since the collapse of the USSR [1991]."

Paul Goble, Communications Director of RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty).

From Azerbaijan International (4.4) Winter 1996.
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