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(Listed alphabetically by last name)

Pashayev, Hafiz (Azerbaijani Ambassador to U.S.)
Armenia Orchestras Karabakh Conflict (AI 4.4, Winter 1996)
Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict (AI 5.3, Autumn 1997)
Marvels of The Decade (AI 8.3, Autumn 2000)
Loss of Faith - Greatest Casualty
(AI 8.4, Winter 2000)

Pena, Federico (U.S. Secretary of Energy)
Like Marco Polo Believe (AI 5.4, Winter 1997)

Rahimov, Ismikhan (Azerbaijani Professor of English)
The Right to be Azerbaijani (AI 6.1, Spring 1998)

Reza (World-Recognized Azerbaijani Photographer)
Baku Old Forgotten Book (AI 5.4, Winter 1997)
Khojaly - Never Forget (AI 7.1, Spring 1999)

Samadoghlu, Vagif (National Poet of Azerbaijan)
Language vs. State Power (AI 8.1, Spring 2000)

Sestanovich, Stephen (U.S. Ambassador-at-Large and Special Advisor for the New Independent States under Albright, Secretary of State)
U.S. Shooting Itself in the Foot (AI 6.2, Summer 1998)

Shevardnadze, Eduard (President of Georgia)
Assassination Attempt Against Me Won't Destroy Freedom (AI 6.1, Spring 1998)

Stinson, J. Michael (Conoco's Senior VP for Government Affairs)
U.S. Policy and Azerbaijan - Engagement, not Isolation (AI 7.1, Spring 1999)

Taghiyev, Haji Zeynalabdin (Baku Oil Baron and Philanthropist of the early 20th Century)
Education for Girls - Essential for Humankind (AI 6.4, Winter 1998)
Written Word - Happiness (AI 8.1, Spring 2000)

Ter-Petrossian, Levon (President of Armenia)
Compromise or Resistance? (AI 6.1, Spring 1998)

Tomsen, Peter (U.S. Ambassador to Armenia)
Seeds of War (AI 6.3, Autumn 1998)

Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic
Unchanged - People's Trust (AI 7.4, Winter 1999)

Washington, George (First President of the U.S.)
Loving Too Much, Hating Too Much (AI 6.3, Autumn 1998)

Yeltsin, Boris (Former President of Russian Federation)
The Leap - Too Big (AI 7.4, Winter 1999)

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