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Baghirov, Husein (Azerbaijan Minister of Environment and Resources)
Who Governs America? (AI 8.4, Winter 2000)
New Strength for Azeri Language (AI 9.4, Winter 2001)
Planting the Future (AI 11.4, Winter 2003)

Berstad, Olav (Norwegian Ambassador to Azerbaijan)
Karabakh: Suggestions vs. Solutions (AI 7.1, Spring 1999)

Blair, Betty (Azerbaijan International's Founding Editor)
Passion for Living - Azeri Music (AI 5.4, Winter 1997)

Bondevik,Kjell (Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik of Norway)
Today's Taboos - Clarity About Right & Wrong (AI 11.3, Autumn 2003 )

Brownback, Sam (U.S. Senator, Kansas)
U.S. Must Act - Against Section 907 (AI 6.2, Summer 1998)

Brzezinski, Zbigniew (Former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter)
Russia, No Longer an Empire (AI 4.4, Winter 1996)
Freedom is Fragile (AI 11.4, Winter 2004)

Byrd, Robert (U.S. Senator, South Carolina)
U.S. Need for Alternative Energy Supplies (AI 5.1, Spring 1997)
Nagorno-Karabakh not a Separate Entity (AI 4.4, Winter 1996)

Camus, Albert (Algerian Renowned Novelist and Thinker 1913-1960)
Flutter of Wings (AI 11.4, Winter 2003)

Cheney, Dick
(Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1989-1993)
Don't Box Iran In (AI 5.2, Spring 1997)

Clinton, Bill (President of US)
Europe as Idea, Not Place (AI 7.4, Winter 1999)
Respecting Diversity (AI 7.4, Winter 1999)

Clinton, Hillary Rodham (U.S. First Lady)
Democracy, Never Ending Struggle (AI 6.1, Spring 1998)

Cohen, William (U.S. Senator)
Moral Imperative for US (Revoke Section 907) (AI 4.4, Winter 1996)

Cotti, Flabio (Swiss Foreign Minister and Chairman of the OSCE (Organization on the Security and Cooperation of Europe)
Armenia, Lone Dissenter in OSCE (AI 4.4, Winter 1996)

DeBakey, Dr. Michael (World Reknown Heart Specialist)
The Human Heart and Peace (AI 6.3, Autumn 1998)

De Mello, Sergio Vieira (Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq)
Committed - Broken Bodies, Broken Spirits (AI 11.3, Autumn 2003)

Dine, Thomas (USAID Assistant Administrator, Bureau of Europe and the Newly Independent States-NIS)
U.S. Law Hinders Development in Azerbaijan (AI 5.2, Spring 1997)

Ebadi, Shirin (Lawyer and World Known Human Rights Activist and 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Winner)
Best Deterrent Against Terrorism (AI 11.4, Winter 2003)

Elchibey, Abulfaz (Former President of Azerbaijan)
Early Years of Independence (AI 8.3, Autumn 2000)

Escudero, Stanley (U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, 1997-Sept. 2000)
907 - Lose, Lose, Lose
(AI 8.4, Winter 2000)

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