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Traditions in Transition
(AI 2.2) Summer 1994
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Front Cover:
Hand-colored post card from the turn of last century when Baku was an oil boom town. Courtesy of Yagub Karimov.
Back Cover: Jujalarim Children's Drumming Group standing in front of Baku's most famous landmark, the Maiden's Tower. Courtesy British Petroleum, Photo: Oleg Litvin.
Life for peoples of the former Soviet Union is in a state of transition and flux since the collapse of the Soviet centralized government. Traditions, expectations and cultural patterns are in transition.

Read about the
"Irreversible Losses Since Independence" that some people in Azerbaijan are feeling, along with the counter-opinion expressed in the article, "When the Choice is Between Bread and Freedom."
2 Reader's Forum

6 Editorial - Traditions in Transition Since the Dissolution of the Soviet Union - Betty Blair

Interview: President of Azerbaijan Republic, Heydar Aliyev - Betty Blair

12 Oil: Azerbaijan's Economic Rebirth - Nasser Sagheb and Masoud Javadi

Baku Diary: Snow Scenes - Susan Cornnell

History of Oil in Azerbaijan - Natig Aliev, SOCAR President

In Search of Extraterrestrials: Azerbaijani Music Selected for Voyager
Spacecraft - Anne Kressler

26 Azerbaijani Mugam (Traditional Modal Music) - Abulfazl Bahadori

Irreversible Losses Since Independence - Svetlana Krasnova

When the Choice is Between Bread and Freedom - Azar Panahli

Diplomatic Interview. British Ambassador: Thomas Young - Betty Blair

34 Profiles in Transition. Omar Eldarov (Sculptor): When Independence
Diminishes Choice - Betty Blair, English (34-36); Azeri Latin (38-39)

40 Novruz...Celebration That Would Not Die - Farrokh Nakhjavani

43 Legacy of the Oil Barons, Part I (Taghiyev, Naghiyev) - Fuad Akhundov

Traditions in Transition Across Culture: Western Logic, Eastern Passions - Galib Mammad

Reasons Why the Freedom Support Act should be Lifted - Bill Frelick

History of Azerbaijani Publications in Southern Azerbaijan (Part 5) - Dr. Hassan Javadi and Abulfazl Bahadori

52 Reprint: Azerbaijan Like Bosnia: Not Inevitable, Definitely Stoppable - Georgie Anne Geyer

Physics and Politics: The Essential Differences as They Relate to the Azerbaijan / Armenia Conflict - Azerbaijan's Ambassador to US, Pashayev

56 Azerbaijan's Head of Parliament, R. Guliyev Commends US Senator DeConcini

Transitions: Place Name Changes in Azerbaijan - Dr. Vagif Aslanov

Strides in Telephone Service - Kurultay Gözütok

63 Fast & Powerful Computers to Azerbaijan - Habib Mortaz

Tribute to Rafig Babayev: Musician

68 A Brand New World: The Incredible Demand for English - Firangiz Nassirova

69 Overview of Turkic Language Instruction in the US -Dr. András Bodrogligeti

Profiles Abroad. Daniel Weiner: Entering the World of Azerbaijanis:
From Folk Music to Noun Declensions - Betty Blair

Getting Started with Azeri. What Works? - Daniel Weiner

New Azerbaijani Language Text Published: Dr. Kurtulus Öztopçu

Kafkaz Dance Group Wins California Grant to Teach Azerbaijani Dances

72 Summer Azerbaijani Language Courses: Indiana University and UCLA

74 Opportunities

78 Azerbaijan Directory

Azerbaijan International (2.2) Summer 1994.
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