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 Azerbaijani kids

14.4. How to make "Samani" for Novruz
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11.1 Poems, Riddle, Tongue Twisters for Children

8.2 Baku's Old City: Kids' Impressions in Art

You Won't Forget Me, Will You, Tutu?
Refugee Kids Make Penpals with a Parrot

Elgun's Letter to TUTU - "Don't Forget Me, Tutu"
Refugee Boy Writes the Parrot Tutu

7.4 Children at Play in Refugee Camps - Photos

7.4 Children of the 20th Century - Photos

7.3 The Day they Burned our Books (1928) - History

7.2 A Century of Children's Art - Paintings

7.1 Don't Call Me "Refugee", My Name is Lamiya

6.4 The ABC's of Baku - Monograms on the Oil Baron Buildings

6.3 Azerbaijan - Land of Flames - Legends

6.1 The Cheating Fox - Story

5.4 Ju-ja-lar-im - Children's Song

5.2 Red: If Colors Could Speak

5.1 Marco Polo's Footsteps In Cyberspace

4.4 Ali Jafar, 10-Year-Old Child Artist

4.4 Surkhai Askarov, 15-Year-Old Opera Singer

4.3 Me and Granny and Granny's Granny - Azerbaijani Proverbs

4.3 Folklore - "Jirtdan," The Little Boy Who Outwitted the Ugly Giant

4.3 Story - How the Dove Became the Bird of Peace

4.3 The Nobel Prize in Postage Stamps

3.2 Snake Venom - Life or Death

2.3 The Magic of the Children's Marionette Theater

2.3 Story - The Cloth Peddler "Arshin Mal Alan"

2.3 Children's Art: Drawing What War Looks Like (72)

2.2 In Search of Extraterrestrials. Azerbaijani Music on Voyager Spacecraft

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