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In Search of the Future
Winter 1996 (AI 4.4)

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Front Cover: "Youth - In Search of the Future" is an ageless theme. Azerbaijan's 12th century poet, Nizami, developed this idea in his masterful poem, "The Seven Beauties." Here the Beauty from Maghrib (Morocco) tells the story of Prince Mahan, a playboy who decides to rid himself of the evil forces and set his life straight. This statue is part of seven sculptures in the Fountain Square (near the Nizami Museum) in Baku and were designed by Telman and Eldar Zeynalov (brothers). Photo and Design: Pirouz Khanlou, Computer Graphics: Maziar Mahjoobi.

Back Cover: A winter scene outside the walls of the Inner City (Ichari Shahar). Photo: Bahadur Jafarov.

Reader's Forum

9 Editorial

10 Guest Editorial: Identity Changes in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan - Elin Suleymanov

12 Baku Diary: A World Turned Sunny Side Up - Jonelle Glosch

16 Education in Azerbaijan: The Challenges of Transition - Dr. Abdinov, Deputy Minister of Education
Azerbaijan Education - Some Facts

An Overview - Azerbaijan's Educational System

20 Aziza: Jazz, Mugham and other Essentials of My Life - Aziza Mustafa Zadeh with Betty Blair

25 Quotable Quotes

26 Surkhai Asgarov: Vocal Prodigy - Anne Kressler

28 Ali Jafar: Child Artist - Jala Garibova

30 The Filmmaker's Lens: Focus on Azerbaijani Children in Transition - Elena Dontsova

32 UN Launches Reconstruction Project in War-Torn Region (Horadiz)

35 Saving the Children: Mobil Undertakes Orphanage Project

36 Where Are They Now?

Cloning Kasparov
Lotfi Zadeh - Awarded Prestigious Japanese Prize

Aliyev - Memorializes Literary Giant - Husein Javad

40 Youth: In Search of the Future (Photo Essay)

44 FRIENDS Continues to Stimulate Azerbaijani Arts: Lifetime Achievement Awards - Sponsored by Chevron

48 SOCAR: Interview with Ilham Aliyev - Betty Blair

CIPCO - James Tilley

BP & Statoil Alliance - Einar Bergh

SOCAR: Miscellaneous

Fourth Consortium Signed - Dan Ulduzu and Ashrafi Prospects

54 AIOC: Two Years and Moving Forward - Interview with Terry Adams by Betty Blair

62 Michelle Kwan: World Champion Skates to Azerbaijani Symphonic Music - Laurel Deck (in Azeri Latin Script-p.66)

68 Atiqva: Voices of Hope - Tamam Bayatly

70 Diplomatic Interview: The Caucasus: A German Perspective - Elmira Amrahqizi

73 The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Azerbaijan - Laurel Deck

74 LUKoil's Presence in Baku

76 Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature: Rahim Raisnia - Parvin Etisami: "The Rise of the Azerbaijani Woman" Part Two - Siyavush Tabrizi (Azerbaijani in Arabic Script)

78 Azerbaijan's Legendary Centenarian: Shirali Muslimov - Marcus Hopkins

82 Business & Opportunities

Azerbaijan International (4.4) Winter 1996.
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