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Azerbaijan's Educational System
Some Facts

Azerbaijan's educational system includes approximately 1,300 kindergartens, 4,600 primary and secondary schools, 180 technical lyceums, 90 colleges, and 27 institutions of higher education (including 8 universities and 5 academies).

There are approximately 130,000 children enrolled in kindergarten, 1.5 million in primary and secondary school, about 100,000 college and technical lyceum students and 110,000 university students.

About 300,000 professors, teachers, and lecturers are involved in education -12,000 of them at universities. About 1,000 university educators have earned our highest degree, Doctor of Science (equivalent to a post-graduate degree in Western countries), and more than 6,000 of them have earned their Candidate's Degree (Doctorate Degree).

According to the constitution, secondary education is compulsory and is guaranteed by the state. The state also ensures free higher education on the university level for talented young people. Since gaining independence, the decision has been made to model the educational system along the lines of the American educational system and offer degrees on three levels-Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D.

Universities currently train students in 270 fields, though the potential exists to offer education in about 360 fields. The majority of Azerbaijani university professors and teachers have graduated from recognized universities in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic Republics.

Educational diplomas from Azerbaijan are recognized in more than 50 countries. Because of its unique geographic location between Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan has joined two of UNESCO's six committees on Education: the European Committee which includes 41 countries, and the Asian Committee which includes 37 countries.

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