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13.1 Amazons: Legends in History - Farid Alakbarli

13.1 Azerbaijani Legends: The Truth Beneath the Surface - Sadnik Pirsultanli

13.1 Editorial: Myth and Imagination - Betty Blair

13.1 Sofi Hamid: Life Mirrored in Pastel Colors - Betty Blair and Farid Alakbarli

12.4 Editorial: Ties That Bind - Betty Blair

12.4 Fairy Tales: Scary Tales Our Grandmothers Told Us - Aydamirova and Aliyeva

12.4 Childagh: How to Cure a Bad Case of Nerves - Farid Alakbarli

12.4 Folk Medicine: Lion Hearts, Rhinoceros Horn and Wolf Paws - Farid Alakbarli

12.4 Ashug Music: So You Want to Become an Ashug - Anna Oldfield Senarslan

12.4 Ashug Pari Majlisi: Women Performers of Legend and Folk Poetry - Anna Senarslan

12.4 Ashug Music: The Poet Minstrels of Azerbaijan - Anna Oldfield Senarslan

12.4 Kid's Games: Counting-Out Rhymes: Children's Love of Rhyme, Rhythm & Alliteration - A Huseinova

12.4 Superstitions: Black Cats, Bleak Mondays, and Broken Mirrors - Gulnar Aydamirova

12.4 Gender: Creators of Folklore: The Nurturing Role of Woman-as-Mother - Aziza Jafarzade

12.4 Proverbs: "Father's Words": Advice Through the Ages - Staff of Azerbaijan International

12.3 Living Folklore: The Games Kids Play in Baku's Old City - Aynura Huseinova and Sakina Isgandarova

11.4 Slang: The Buzz Among Youth in Baku - Aynura Huseinova

11.4 Azerbaijani Mugham: Declared Masterpiece of Oral World Heritage by UNESCO

11.3 Traditional Instruments: Majnun Karimov Brings Medieval Music to Life

11.3 Music Therapy: What Doctors Knew Cenuries Ago - Farid Alakbarov

11.3 Writer and Folklorist Aziza Jafarzade (1921 - 2003) - Blair

11.1 Poems, Riddles, Tongue Twisters for Children - Aynura Huseinova

11.1 Farid Alakbarov: Researching Baku's Medical Manuscripts - Patterson

11.1 Turkmen Proverbs: Words of Wisdom for Life - Gazanfar Pashayev

10.3 Art As Memory: Alakbar Rezaguliyev's Prints of Azerbaijan - Jean Patterson

10.2 Naftalan: Azerbaijan's Therapeutic Oil - Eldar Abbasov

10.1 Studying the Medicinal Effects of Saffron - Dr. Fikrat Abdullayev

10.1 University Choir Performs Azeri Folk Songs - Aida Huseinova

10.1 Azerbaijani Ashugs Perform in Europe - Nanna Hartman

10.1 Koroghlu: Tbilisi Manuscript About Azerbaijani Hero - Farid Alakbarov

9.2 Secrets of Longevity: On Verdant Slopes of the Talysh Mountains - Kathy Lally

9.1 Scents That Heal: Aromatherapy in Ancient Medicine - Farid Alakbarov

8.3 Father's Words: Proverbs About Food - Jala Garibova and Betty Blair

8.2 From Pilaf to Pizza - A Road Map of Azerbaijani Cuisine - Tahir Amiraslanov

Forgotten Foods: Differences in the Cuisines of Northern and Southern Azerbaijan - Pirouz Khanlou

The Evil Eye: Staving Off Harm with a Visit to the Open Market - Jean Patterson and Arzu Aghayeva

You Are What You Eat: Islamic Food Practices and Azerbaijani Identity - Farid Alakbarov

Etiquette: Minding Your "P's and Q's" in Medieval Azerbaijan - Farid Alakbarov

8.3 Nutrition for Longevity
- Farid Alakbarov

8.2 Street Scenes from Yesteryear: Linoleum Prints by Alakbar Rezaguliyev

7.3 What's in a Name? Nationality, for Starters - Elkhan Garibli

6.3 Dada Gorgud: Mother of All Books - Anar

6.3 Dada Gorgud: A Bride for Khan Turali

6.3 Making Sense of Azerbaijan's Legends - Tahir Talibli, Ahmad Oghuz and Jala Garabova

6.3 Loyalty, Bravery and Passion: Personal Names from Legendary Heroes - Jala Garabova

6.3 The Legend of Sumgayit - Fuad Akhundov

6:3 Viewpoint: Legends and the Soviet Period - V
agif Samadoglu

5.2 Just for Kids - Red: If Colors Could Speak

4.3 Entire Issue - Verbal Folklore - Wisdom of the Ages

4.3 Editorial - Verbal Folklore
- Wisdom of the Ages - Blair

4.3 Baku Diary: Know a Culture, Know its Folklore - Susan Cornnell

Proverbs: "Father's Words" Wisdom of the Ages

4.3 Molla Nasreddin: Comic Sage of the Ages

4.3 Molla Nasreddin, The Magazine: Laughter that Pricked the Conscience of a Nation
- Narmin Qiyasbeyli

4.3 Dada Gorgud: Passionate Tales of the Middle Ages - Kamal Abdulla

4.3 Me and Granny and Granny's Granny: Rearing Children with Azerbaijani Proverbial Expressions

4.3 History in a Nutshell: 20th Century Personal Naming Practices in Azerbaijan - Ga
ribova & Blair

4.3 The Toastmaster's Unwritten Rule Book - Jala Garibova

4.3 Meykhana: Azerbaijan's Own Ancient Version of Rap Reappears - Balasadig

4.3 Children's Folklore: Jirtdan

4.3 Legend: How the Dove Became the Bird of Peace

3.4 How to Treat the Common Cold-Azeri Style - Chris Cannon

2.2 Street Name Changes in Azerbaijan - Dr. Vagif Aslanov

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