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    Wisdom of the Ages
    Verbal Folklore
    (AI 4.3) Autumn 1996

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Front Cover: Fragment from the painting "Mugham" by painter Rasim Babayev. Mugham is a traditional form of music in the East which is often compared to jazz because of its nuances and immprovisational nature. We choose Babayev's painting because folklore is similar in character - there are so many new voices playing on vaviations of old themes. So many colors, shades, and nuances. Babayev's studio is in Baku at (99-412) 38-22-87. Many works are displayed.

Back Cover: A group of young boys waiting their chance to perform the traditional Shepherds' Dance. Photo: Bahadur Jafarov.


Folklore - if you want to know a nation or people well, get to know their folklore - proverbs, jokes, riddles, expressions, and dramatic folk tales and epics.

For a sample of Azerbaijani expressions, take a look at
Proverbs: "Father's Words," Wisdom of the Ages and Me and Granny and Granny's Granny: Rearing Children with Azerbaijani Proverbial Expressions."

If you're looking for insight into the subtle influences of the Soviet system on Azerbaijanis, study the names parents gave their children. See
Names: History in a Nutshell. 20th Century Personal Naming Practices in Azerbaijan.

Foreigners can learn many things about social hierarchy and interpersonal relations just by paying attention to these toasts. See "The Toastmaster's Unwritten Rule Book: Guide for Foreign Guests Who Frequent Azerbaijani Parties."

Reader's Forum

7 Editorial

8 Baku Diary: Know a Culture, Know its Folklore - Susan Cornnell

Proverbs: "Father's Words" Wisdom of the Ages

14 Legends of the Caucasus "In the Beginning" - Rebecca Tyler & Nushaba Babayeva

The Armenia Lobby - Washington Post Editorial. August 1, 1996.

18 Molla Nasreddin: Comic Sage of the Ages (Latin-page 20)

Molla Nasreddin, The Magazine: Laughter that Pricked the Conscience of a Nation - Narmin Qiyasbeyli

Dada Gorgud: Passionate Tales of the Middle Ages - Kamal Abdulla

Me and Granny and Granny's Granny: Rearing Children with
Azerbaijani Proverbial Expressions
- Ayten Gurzaliyeva, Jala Garibova and
Betty Blair

Aliyev's Presidential Visit to Germany - Betty Blair

Press Conference: President Heydar Aliyev in Germany

34 SOCAR Section

SOCAR Foreign Investment - Natig Aliyev

Japanese Companies Following ITOCHU - Khoshbakht Yusifzade

Capital Construction - Ahmad Zeynalov

Amoco and AmeriCares: Hospital for Oilmen

Shah Daniz Signed: Third Major Contract in Caspian

Caspian International Petroleum Company

University Honors Oil Industrialist

"Green Goddesses" to the Rescue

AIOC Current Developments - Einar Bergh

46 Business & Opportunities

49 Major Azerbaijani-English Dictionary Rolls Off the Press: A First in Azerbaijan's Lexical History - Anne Kressler

Azerbaijan Today: The Way Graphic Artists See It - Shaig Safarov

Words of Caution: The Latest Academic Industry Ethno-Conflict Resolution - Henry R. Huttenbach

Unfair Punishment for Azerbaijan: Washington Times Guest Editorial from July 26, 1996 - George Zarycky

Names: History in a Nutshell: 20th Century Personal Naming Practices in Azerbaijan - Garibova & Blair

United Nations Developments

66 Diplomatic Interview: Norwegian Consulate: Harald Finnvik

69 Parvin Etisami: The Rise of the Azerbaijani Woman - Siyavush Tabrizi

The Toastmaster's Unwritten Rule Book - Jala Garibova

Meykhana: Azerbaijan's Own Ancient Version of Rap Reappears - Balasadig

75 Business Developments

Children's Folklore: Jirtdan

78 Legend: How the Dove Became the Bird of Peace

79 Baku's First Automated Teller Machine

The Nobel Prize in Postage Stamps - Hugo Vargas

From Azerbaijan International (4.2) Summer 1996.
© Azerbaijan International 1996. All rights reserved.

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