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Remembering Stalin
Winter 2005 (13.4)

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12 Contributors - Atakhan Pashayev, Gulhusein Huseinoghlu, Fatma Alasgarova, Fuad Mustafayev, Aydin Vahidov

14 Tribute: Susan Crouch: Organiser of the Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition for 11 Years - Betty Blair

18 Editorial: Remembering Stalin - Betty Blair

22 Cult Personality: The Red General - Stalin

24 Impact on Azerbaijan: Articles Related to Stalin in Azerbaijan International - Compiled by Betty Blair, Editor

32 Nariman Narimanov: My Dear Son, Let Me Tell you What it Was Really LIke - Letter written by Nariman Narimanov to his only son Najaf, 5, in 1925

36 Nariman Narimanov: Early Years of the Bolsheviks - Wrong Direction - Atakhan Pashayev, Director of the Azerbaijan National Archives

40 Alakbar Rezaguliyev: Black and White Realities of Stalin's Era - Art by Alakbar Rezaguliyev, who was in exile for nearly 25 years

46 Erasing Names From History: The Role of Jeyhun Hajibeyli in Azerbaijan's First Opera - Jeyhun Hajibeyli, brother of composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli

50 Students Sent Into Exile: Fate Sealed in Letter Sent to Poet Samad Vurghun

52 Miscalculations: Resisting the Sytem and Proud of It - Gulhusein Huseinoghlu

58 Hardships Endured at Home: When the Men Were Sent to Siberian Labor Camps - Fatma Alasgarova

64 In Search of Goodness: Even in the Deep Freeze of a Siberian Labor Camp - Aydin Vahidov

68 Chingiz Mustafayev: Our Own Voices, Our Own Minds: Stalin Crushes Would-Be Student Activists - Fuad, Vahid and Seyfulla Mustafayev

76 Mukhtar Avsharov. Beating the Prison System: A Stone's Throw to Freedom - Reza Avshar

80 Teymur Salahov: Deafening Silence: Waiting 18 Years for Father to Return Home

88 Perspective: The Making of an Artist: Impact of Stalin's Repression on Art - Tahir Salahov

90 Charkaz Aliyev: Stalin's Purge of 1937-1938: When Friends and Family Disappear Forever - Fizza Aliyeva

92 BP Developments: Production Begins at West Azeri - Tamam Bayatly

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