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Myth and Imagination
Spring 2005 (13.1)

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6 Contributors - Sadnik Pirsultanli, Thomas Goltz, Fariz Ismailzade, Laurel V. Gray, Irada Aliyeva

8 Reader's Forum: Your Letters, Curious Readers Write

8 Reunion Adoption 2005

14 Editorial: Myth and Imagination - Betty Blair

16 Remembering Khojali: Finally Documented in U.S. Congressional Record - Dan Burton

18 Khojali - 13 Years Later - Thomas Goltz

19 About Khojali - Some Facts and Figures

22 The World of Shapes and Colors: Introducing Children to Art - Irada Aliyeva

24 Nizami's Seven Beauties - Laurel Victoria Gray

Aghakhan Aghabeyli: Azerbaijani Genetist - Dr. Farid Alakbarli

29 The Science of Genetics Under Stalin - Dr. Farid Alakbarli

31 Water Buffalo in Azerbaijan - Dr. Farid Alakbarli

32 Symphonic Music Build upon Legend and Imagination - Arif Malikov

36 Poetry - Nazim Hikmet

38 Musicians Go to Afghanistan - Jean-Pierre Guinhut

40 Sofi Hamid: Life Mirrored in Pastel Colors - Betty Blair and Farid Alakbarli

Photo Essay - Sofi Hamid Cemetery

Impressions about Sofi Hamid Cemetery - Aytan Aliyeva

64 Azerbaijani Legends: Interview: The Truth Beneath the Surface - Sadnik Pirsultanli

Legends compiled by Sadnik Pirsultanli
The Dove Bird of Peace
Legend about the Rose
The Sun and Moon
Stone Bride
Mourning Rock
Aghri Dagh

74 Amazons: Legends in History - Farid Alakbarli

78 What's in a Name? Reyhan - That Girl, That Song - Reyhan Reynaldi

80 Uzeyir Hajibeyov: Soviet Music and Society - Matt O'Brien

82 Books: Lindley, British Engineer by Ryszard Zelichowski, History of Azerbaijan's Oil by M. Mir Babayev, The Caucasian Albanian Script by Zaza Alexidze

86 BP Current Developments: Productions Begin at Central Azeri - Tamam Bayatli


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