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Autumn 2002 (10.3)

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6 Contributors

8 Readers' Forum

10 Editorial: Memories - Betty Blair

12 Newsmakers

Paganini Violin Played at Fire Worshippers' Temple
Yehudi Menuhin Music Scholarship For Nigar
Azeri Youth Win Physics Olympiad Gold
Teymur Beats Former Chess World Champion
Azerbaijani Adoptees - First-Ever Reunion in the U.S.
AzerbaijanAdopt ListServ

Preserving Adoption Memories - Kathleen Shryock
Remembering Zuleykha Asadullayeva, Granddaughter of Oil Baron - Igor Effimoff
Muslim Magomayev Celebrates 60th Jubilee
- Aida Huseinova
Pope John Paul II Visits Baku - Jim Dasney
Udins - Early Christians of Azerbaijan Greet the Pope

26 Analysis: War on Terrorism - Zbigniew Brzezinksi

28 Cart Ruts and Stone Circles - Abbas Islamov and Ronnie Gallagher

32 Art As Memory: Alakbar Rezaguliyev's Prints of Azerbaijan - Jean Patterson

38 Baku's Old City: Memories of How it Used to Be - Farid Alakbarov

45 Baku's Institute of Manuscripts - Farid Alakbarov

46 The Memoirs of Actor Sarabski - Farid Alakbarov

50 Poet Mikayil Mushfig - Farid Alakbarov

52 Poetic Justice: Memoirs of Poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzade

56 Center Stage: My Life as Azerbaijan's First Ballerina - Gamar Almaszade

60 Memoirs of Accompanying Azerbaijan's Greatest Singers - Chingiz Sadikhov

64 Millions of Threads: Portrait Carpets - Kamil Aliyev

68 Circus Life: Dancing on the High Wire - Shafiga Bakhshaliyeva

70 Azerbaijan's Voice Recording Archive - Yagub Madatov

72 The Road to Lankaran: Lessons from an Accidental Breach of Security - Michael Walsh

74 Sociolinguistics Part 14: Respect for Elderly - Garibova and Blair

76 Business & Opportunities

78 New Faces, New Places

80 MBA Program: North Alabama University

83 Unocal Poster Contest

86 BP Current Developments: BTC Embarks on Construction - Tamam Bayatly

88 McDermott Nearly Finished with Upgrades of SPS Facility

90 Between Two Seas: Progress on BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) Pipeline Project

From Azerbaijan International (10.3) Autumn 2002.
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