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Crisis in the Arts
Spring 1995 (AI 3.1)

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Front Cover: "The Cello Player" by Azerbaijani painter, Akbar Behkalam from Tabriz who lives in Berlin now. The artist's wife, a German musician-physician was the inspiration for this painting. According to Behkalam, she becomes so engrossed while playing music that she almost embraces the instrument. "That's what I've tried to convey in this painting," he told us. See the article on page 14.

Back Cover: Memorial sculpture in Baku commemorating the spy Richard Zorge who was born in Baku and informed the Soviet Union that the Germans intended to attack on June 21, 1941. Zorge later worked in Japan where he was executed when they discovered that he was spying. Sculpture is on Samad Vurgun Street. Design
Pirouz Khanlou, Photo: Oleg Litvin.

Azerbaijan has
world-class musicians and artists. But what happens when the arts are no longer supported by a centralized government? Some of Azerbaijan's most famous painters and musicians share their viewpoints about what it's like to try to survive during this interim. Also check out the exclusive article by Thor Heyerdahl, the great Norwegian scholar and voyager, who though now in his 80s, is still trying to trace the sea routes back to the earliest beginnings of man. Could Scandinavians be historically and genetically linked to Azerbaijanis? Heyerdahl thinks so.

2 Reader's Forum

4 Editorial: Crisis in the Arts

6 Baku Diary: The Music Scene (January 1995) - Susan Cornnell

Rasim Babayev, Painter

14 Behkalam and Berlin's Flying Cow - Betty Blair & Pirouz Khanlou, p.18 Latin Version

Gaiyur Yunus, Painter

24 Fazil Najafov, Frozen Images of Transition

26 SOCAR Section: Azerbaijan's Oil Pipeline Route: Turkey Gains Edge - Nasser Sagheb and Masoud Javadi; 95 International Caspian Oil and Gas Show; D.G. Seis; Amoco; Exxon; Delta Hudson.

30 Business Section: Murphy International, Eurasian File, British Air, and Lufthansa

Doing Business: Most Frequently Asked Questions - Ophelia Abdullayeva

Music: Then and Now - Jahangir Salimkhanov

Azerbaijan's Brain Drain in Music: The Question of Survival - Khuraman Gasimova

Immortal Music: Unique Blend of Tragedy and Love - Arif Malikov

Bul-Bul School of Music: "And the Beat Goes On" - Dr. Nigar Askarova

Tofig Guliyev: Beloved Composer

52 Diplomatic Interview: Egyptian Ambassador Faruk M. El Hawary - Svetlana Turyalay

Violin Concertos and Dolls: Nasrin Rashidova - Svetlana Turyalay

54 CSCE Summit: Critical Turning Point for the Fate of Nagorno-Karabakh-Hopefully - Mahir Ibrahimov

New Book on Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Human Rights Watch

56 The Russian Bear's Voracious Appetite: Azerbaijan 1990 and Chechnya 1995 - Azar Panahli

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature (Part III) Constitutional Era: Works of Golam Husein Sa'edi - Hassan Javadi, Translated by Abulfazl Bahadori.

The Azerbaijan Connection: Challenging Euro-Centric Theories of Migration - Dr. Thor Heyerdahl

Thor Heyerdahl: Kon-Tiki Man - Betty Blair

64 The Internet: World Standard Access - Mark Hopkins

66 Sports: Chess, Special Olympics, Karate

Legacy of the Oil Barons (Part IV): Musician Who Owned the SOCAR Building - Fuad Akhundov

72 All In a Day's Work: Supplying Refugee Camps - Laura O'Mahoney

74 Azerbaijan Red Crescent Celebrates 75 Years - Laura O'Mahoney

75 Freedom Support Act; Protecting Children

78 Education

79 Directory

Azerbaijan International (3.1) Spring 1995.
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