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Spring 2005 (13.1)
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Spiritual Nourishment

I am writing this letter to thank you and say how grateful I am for the wonderful work you are doing. I did not want to keep the deep appreciation that I have for your work and for this magazine inside of me. I want you to know that your work and all your efforts are so much appreciated by your readers.

I first discovered your magazine in 1999, when I was studying abroad. Your magazine served as my major link to home, my Motherland, my Azerbaijan. I remember so eagerly waiting for every new issue and then reading every page so carefully, afraid that I would miss something so important, so dear to me, even a tidbit of information about my Azerbaijan, my Baku.

Yesterday, I took a day off from work and had the luxury of spending several hours reading and enjoying the new issue [Winter 2004]. I have become a devoted reader of your magazine and throughout these years, I feel like I have been discovering my Motherland over and over and over again. This wonderful journey never stops; it is like Life itself - interesting, exciting, dynamic and eternal.

Reading your magazine truly enriches my soul - whether the articles provide insight into the history of Ichari Shahar [Old City], or our glorious Azerbaijani food, rich culture, traditions, or whether they express the sorrow of our refugees, or make us see and feel the happiness of adopted Azerbaijani kids who now have homes and families abroad.

The richness of your magazine is very hard to describe in words, it is a true source of fulfillment of soul. Azerbaijan International helps me personally to become a better person and a better citizen of my Azerbaijan.

Thank you,
Aysel Seyidova

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