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"Little Prince" in Azeri

I'm looking for the Azeri (Cyrillic) version of the children's book "Little Prince", written by French author St. Antoine Exupery in 1943.

I've been collecting "Little Prince" since I was 16 or 17 years old. Now I have about 110 of the existing 130 versions. But I'm still missing the Azeri version. I'm having such a difficult time finding it. I myself have translated this book into the Extremadurian language which has now almost become extinct in Spain.

"Little Prince" has helped me make marvelous friends with people all over the world who have assisted me in finding rare versions. It has introduced me to the translators of the Nepali, Corsican, Maltese and Konkani editions (Konkani is spoken on the west coast of India). Even though I can't speak most of these languages, it helps me understand more about the structure of their grammars and appreciate the beauty of their alphabets.

I would be so grateful if someone out there could help me find "Little Prince" in Azeri. By the way, if you need anything from Spain, please let me know. Thank you.

Antoniu Garrido Correas
Apdo. 780, 10450 Jarandilla-Cáceres, Spain

Editor's Note July 2002: An Azeri version in Latin script is now available of "Little Prince". It was published with the assistance of the French Embassy in Baku for the occasion of St. Exupery's 100th Birthday. The translators are father-and-daughter team, Aziz Gozalov and Yagut Gurbanova. Gozalov is Chair of the French Translation Department and his daughter Gurbanova is Chair of the Foreign Literature History at the University of Languages in Baku. "Little Prince" in Azeri is now available at our AI STORE, click ENTER, then click on BOOKS.


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