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Baku - City that Oil Built
Summer 2002 (10.2)

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6 Contributors

8 Readers' Forum

10 Editorial: The Spirit of Individualism - Betty Blair

12 Newsmakers

Reza, National Geographic Photographer: Focusing on Afghanistan
In Memory: Jovdat Hajiyev, Composer
Caspian Jazz and Blues Festival - Baku
Smithsonian Festival - The Silk Road - Azerbaijani Performers
Chefs Present Azerbaijani Cuisine
Vadoud Mo'azzen, Painter and Singer

Tribute to Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002)
Adventurer's Death Touches Russia's Soul - Constantine Pleshakov
Reflections on Life - Thor Heyerdahl
First Encounters in the Soviet Union - Thor Heyerdahl
Thor Heyerdahl's Final Projects - Bjornar Storfjell
Voices of the Ancients: Rare Caucasus Albanian Text - Dr. Zaza Alexidze

28 An Overview: Baku, City that Oil Built - Dr. Farid Alakbarov

34 Azerbaijan's Oil History: A Chronology up to the Soviet Era - Mir-Yusif Mir-Babayev

42 Stories of Taghiyev: Baku's Most Renowned Oil Baron - Manaf Suleymanov

50 How Baku Got Its Water: The British Link, William H. Lindley - Ryszard Zelichowski

54 Taghiyev's Commitment to the Water Problem - Manaf Suleymanov

55 Baku's Search for Water: A Brief Chronology - Mammad Mammadov

56 Nobel Brothers in Baku: Swedes' Role in Baku's Oil Boom - Brita Asbrink

60 Naftalan: Azerbaijan's Therapeutic Oil - Eldar Abbasov

62 Life at Juilliard: Studying Abroad - Sabina Rakcheyeva

64 Sociolinguistics Part 13: Giving Advice - Jala Garibova and Betty Blair

66 Hub for 21st Century: Azerbaijan's Future Role in Caspian Basin - Stanley Escudero

72 How Far We've Come: Progress of Azerbaijan's Oil Industry - Valeh Alasgarov

76 Business & Opportunities

77 Humanitarian Projects: Statoil, LUKoil, Exxon, Devon

84 BP Current Developments: Sangachal, Phase I - Tamam Bayatly

88 SOCAR Oil Contracts Signed Since 1994 - Pie Charts

90 SOCAR Map of Oil Contracts Signed Since 1994

92 2002 Bilingual Resource Directory

102 Foreign Embassies in Baku - 2002

From Azerbaijan International (10.2) Summer 2002.
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