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Summer 2002 (10.2)
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Estonian Pilots

We recently came across the article on your Web site about early aviation training in Baku: "Biplanes and Seaplanes: The Beginning of Aviation in Azerbaijan" by Fuad Akhundov and Nina Fischeva (AI 4.2, Summer 1996).

Among the graduates of the Baku Naval Aviation School were also some students of Estonian origin - Ots, Schtschepotjef, Meier, Paul, Rotherberg, Keddis, Kuddu, Matvei and others. Are there lists of graduates of this school available? I'm sure that there were more Estonians who earned their wings in Azerbaijan back in those days (1915-1917). We have written a book about the early history of Estonian aviation and that's why we're really interested to receive any help.

Toivo Kitvel, Ph.D., Estonia
Talinn Technical University, Institute of Social and Humanitarian Sciences


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