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Maiden's Tower

View of Maiden's Tower from Inner City, Baku. Photo: Oleg Litvin

View of Baku looking back to Inner City (Ichari Shahar) from atop Maiden's Tower. Photo: Betty Blair

Baku's most prominent landmark is Maiden's tower located along the seafront in downtown Baku. The tower dates back to at least the 12th century. Though various religious purposes have been proposed, it seems obvious, given the geographical complexity of the region and the fact that Azerbaijan has been dominated by foreign rulers for most of its existence, that the Tower's main objective was for defense. There are no elevators inside the Tower but still it's worth the climb to the roof especially on a clear day for a panoramic, fascinating view of the city.

Various views of Baku's major landmark, the Maiden's Tower. The monument dates back to the 12th century. Its walls are five meters thick. In earlier times, it seems the Caspian Sea approached close to its entrance. A spectacular view can be seen on the roof of the eight-story structure. Photos: Blair

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