Azerbaijan International

Summer 2000 (8.2)
Pages 26-27


Baku's Old City
Kids' Impressions

Children's Art Gallery

For Baku's youth, nothing quite captures their imagination like the Old Inner City - Ichari Shahar. Here various budding artists paint their impressions. Invariably, artists depict the Inner City bursting with the excitement of color even though in truth the buildings are mostly beige and gray.

Flying over Baku Inner City Grisha Ivanov - Inner City, Baku

Kamilla Hajiyeva Tsiperovich, 8

Grisha Ivanov

Grisha Ivanov, 12

Javid Mammadov - Tea Party Old City, Baku


Javid Mammadov, 11

Ilgar Talibov, 9


Natavan Malikova, 8

Farida Hajiyeva, 7

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