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The Fate of some of
the ADR Parliament Members

compiled by Nigar Afandiyeva Maxwell

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According to the terms given to Parliament, the Bolsheviks guaranteed that the members of Azerbaijan's Parliament would not be harmed, their homes and property would not be confiscated and only the highest-ranking positions would be replaced by Communist Party members.

Despite this guarantee, very few Parliament members actually survived both the turbulence of the time and Stalin's Repression. Recent scholarship now enables us to reconstruct what happened to 15 of the Parliament members after the government was dissolved. At least two-thirds of those listed here were eventually killed or arrested.

Hasan Aghayev
Went to Tiblisi, Georgia. Killed by an Armenian-hired assassin in July 1920.

Abdulali bey Amirjanov
Went to Istanbul, Turkey. Helped start up the "Davanat" trade company in Baku. Died in Turkey in 1948.

Jamobey Hajinski
Arrested in April 1922. Spent three years in prison, then sent to a concentration camp in Solovki (Arkhangelsk region, Russia). Released in 1928 and returned to Baku. Worked for cooperative societies in Baku, 1928-1937. Arrested in 1938 and died in the Vyatka concentration camp in the Kirov district (Russia).

Mammad Hasan Hajinski
Worked for Azerbaijan Supreme Council of National Economy and later as First Deputy Director of Transcaucasian State Plan Committee until Beria ordered his arrest. Died in prison in Tbilisi in 1931.

Mammad Yusif Hajinski
Worked as a legal advisor for the cotton trust and the Azerbaijan winemaking trust. Died in 1938 in Baku.

Aliagha Hasanov
Worked as Director of Azerbaijan State Bank. Died in 1933 in Baku.

Behbud Javanshir
Shot by an Armenian Dashnak in Istanbul in 1921.

Fatalikhan Khoyski
Shot in the back by an Armenian-hired assassin in June 1920.

Khudadat Malik-Aslanov
Worked for the Azerbaijan State Construction Committee and the Azerbaijan State Plan Committee. Arrested in 1930 and released in mid-1933. Arrested again in 1934 and died in 1935.

Nariman Narimanbeyli
Worked as a legal advisor in several different institutions. Killed during Stalin's Repression.

Ahmad Pepinov
Headed cultural and educational institutions in Azerbaijan. Left for Ulyanovsk, Russia in 1930. Worked as a Deputy Minister of Education in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan beginning in 1934. Killed during Stalin's Repression of 1938.

Mammad Amin Rasulzade
Imprisoned, released by Stalin, fled to Europe where he died in Turkey in 1955.

Aslan Safikurdlu
Worked as a Deputy Commissar at the Ministry of Justice and as a legal advisor for the Azeroil Union. Died from an illness in 1937 in Baku.

Nurmammad Shahsuvarov
Appointed Deputy of Azerbaijan SSR National Education Committee. Worked as head of Russian Language Department at Baku State University and as a teacher of Russian at Azerbaijan Oil Institute. Arrested in 1940 and exiled to the Krasnodar region of Russia. Returned to Baku from exile in 1943. Died in Baku in 1958.

Mustafa Vakilov
Went to Tbilisi, then moved to Istanbul. Wrote magazine articles about Azerbaijan history and literature. Died in Turkey in 1965.

Nasib Yusifbeyli
Killed by followers of Ashraf, a robber chieftain in the Kurdamir region of Azerbaijan, in May 1920.

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