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Colors of the Century
An Artistic Perspective
Spring 1999 (AI 7.2)

Front Cover: Kamal Ahmad's favorite color was red which he believed symoblized the energizing forces of life. He often contrasted red, as in this painting, against black, which he felt represented death. "Woman Against the Background of a Carpet" (fragment, original size is 50 x 70 cm). Oil on canvas. Kamal's widow can be reached at Tel: (99-412) 471-98-54.

Back Cover: Tahir Salahov was kown for pushing the limits of the Soviet school of Socialist Realism. Here in his painting, "Women of Absheron", he reflects the uncertainty in the lives of women as they wait for their men to return from Oil Rocks, the first offshore oil drilling location in the world off the shores of Azerbaijan. 1967. Tahir lives in Moscow. Tel: (95) 201-7274 or Fax: (95) 243-6551 or 290-2088.

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7 Contributors

8 Reader's Forum

11 Editorial: Colors of the Century - Betty Blair

12 Baku Diary: Colors of the Future - Jonelle Glosch

14 Diplomatic Series: President Aliyev visits the U.S.

Punishing the Victim - Lawrence Eagleburger, Former U.S. Secretary of State (under Bush)

19 Quotable Quotes

20 Not So Black and White: The Younger Generation - Aneta Georgievska-Shine

26 Bahruz Kangarli: Azerbaijan's Most Prolific Painter - Ziyadkhan Aliyev

28 Azim Azimzade: Baku's Art School Named After Unschooled Artist - Ziyadkhan Aliyev

Javad Mirjavad: Emblazoned by the Sun - His Diary

Gorkhmaz Afandiyev - Reflections by his Wife, Bayim Hajiyeva and Daughter Fovziya

41 Sattar Bahlulzade: The Vibrant Pulse of Nature - Ziyadkhan Aliyev

45 Rasim Babayev: The World of Divs and Angels

Tahir Salahov: Pushing the Limits of Social Realism - Azad Sharifov and Jean Patterson

55 Togrul Narimanbeyov: The Enchanting World of Dreams and Color - Gunduz Alizade

58 Elbey Rezaguliyev: Optimism As Fresh as a Rose - Azad Sharifov

60 Fazil Najafov: The Expressive Magnificence of Stone

66 Kamal Ahmad: Quest for the Light

70 The Collapse of the Soviet Precedent in Art - Farhad Khalilov, President of the Artists' Union

75 Hamza Abdullayev - Singing My Song in the Language of Art

81 Nusrat Hajiyev: Yesterday and Today the Same, Only Clothes Change

84 Just for Kids: A Century of Children's Art - Katana Sharifova

86 Unlocking Children's Creativity - Inna Kostina

88 AZ Art Gallery on the Web

93 Akbar Behkalam: Uprooted - Sevda Aliyeva (Azeri in Arabic script)

94 Sevil Nuriyeva - Youth at Work: ANS TV "Viewpoint"

96 Sociolinguistics, Part 3: Introductions - Jala Garibova and Betty Blair

99 SOCAR Section: Oil Contracts since 1994

100 SOCAR Oil Contract Map

105 SOCAR: Three New Contracts Signed
Operated by Exxon Mobil (USA)
Lerik Operated by Exxon Mobil (USA)
Padar Operated by Moncrief (USA)

107 AIOC Section: Current Developments - Tamam Bayatli

112 99 Bilingual Resource Directory

122 Directory - Diplomatic Corps in Baku

From Azerbaijan International (7.2) Summer 1999.
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