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Sabina Rakhchiyeva

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Who Wrote Azerbaijan's Most Famous Novel "Ali and Nino"?
The Business of Literature

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Volume 15.2-4 (2011)

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8 Features and Contents
12 Editorial: The Core Author of Ali & Nino. Does It Really Matter? Betty Blair
13 Poster: Ali & Nino, Now in 33 Languages
16 Dedication: No Longer with Us, Yet Profoundly Influencing our Research
18 Covers of Ali & Nino Editions
19 Contributors to our Research about Ali & Nino

30 The Map: Ali & Nino - Walking Tour
32 Ali & Nino – A Love Story. World Without Borders: Nationalities, Religion and Gender - Blair
38 Biography: The Lives of Two Writers. Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli and Lev Nussimbaum / Essad Bey

52 Frequently Asked Questions about the Authorship of Ali & Nino
96 Endnotes: Frequently Asked Questions

138 Book Business: Tom Reiss: The Orientalist. Chamanzaminli’s Son Orkhan Vazirov Counters Reiss’s Tale
146 Archives: What a Hoax! Vacca’s Sensational Biographical Account of Essad Bey
148 Secrets in the Archives. Lev Nussimbaum’s Early School Records in Baku

About Essad Bey
160 Marriage Myth: Lev Nussimbaum’s Parents: Marriage Certificate Found in Tbilisi, Georgia
162 Chart: Was Essad Bey Too Prolific? At Least 16 Books in 8 Years

165 Essad Bey’s 16 Books

166 Critics: Fact or Fiction? What Essad Bey’s Contemporaries Said
180 Chart: Essad Bey and Ali & Nino: Seven Reasons Why It Just Ain’t So As Core Author
182 Essad Bey and Ali & Nino: Seven Reasons Why It Just Ain’t So As Core Author
218 Folklore: What Essad Bey Didn’t Know. Portrait of the Caucasus
230 “Cut and Paste” Author: Essad Bey’s Fingerprints in Ali & Nino
252 1930s: Hilal Munshi: Exposing Essad Bey as a Fraud in Berlin
253 Tricks of the Trade: “Tolstoy as Plagiarist,” by Essad Bey

101 Reasons: Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli As Core Author of Ali & Nino
Jewish Girl was Prototype: Yusif Vazirov’s Diary Suggests Identity of Nino
262 1. Life Experiences (1-44)
284 2. History (45-49)
290 3. Themes (50-53)
292 4. Reasons Hard to Refute (54-68)
300 5. Names (69-75)
304 6. Metaphors (76-78)
306 7. Identification of Character Prototypes (79-81)
308 8. Parallel Works with Chamanzaminli (82-97)
316 9. Soviet Times (98-101)
318 101 Reasons: Endnotes

334 Jenia Graman: First English Translation of Ali & Nino: “Labour of Love”

336 Selected Books Related to the Authorship of Ali & Nino
348 Selected Articles Related to the Authorship of Ali & Nino
352 Articles in Azerbaijan International related to Ali & Nino
354 Under Essad Bey’s Names: Too Many Books, Too Few Years: 16 Books in 8 Years
358 Reviews of Essad Bey’s Books: A Selection of Critiques, Primarily in English
360 Books about Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli - Mostly Azerbaijani
362 Literary Works: Books by Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli

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