Azerbaijan International

Volume 15.1
page 57

Soviet Art
Socialist Realism
Art Prices Skyrocket: Women at Work and at Home

"Women's Factory Brigade," 1961, by Valentine Ilich Dudin (1922-2004). Dudin was born in the Perm Oblast, Russia. He studied at the Perm Art College and began exhibiting in 1938. Watercolor (69 cm x 45 cm). Anne Visser Collection.

Official art under the Soviet regime was commissioned by the government to promote communism. Art was viewed as an ideology of the party. Women were painted as war heroes or collective workers. The philosophy behind each artwork had to fit within the constraints of the communist party. [See article, "Lenin in Art: History of an Illusion. The Romanticism of Art after Stalin's Era," Azerbaijan International 14.2 (Summer 2006).

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