Azerbaijan International

Spring 2005 (13.1)

Sofi Hamid

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Stone carvers carry out their work on-site at Sofi Hamid - bracing themselves against the icy blasts of cold winds in winter and scorching sun of summer.This artisan comes from as family of three generations who have makde careers in carving gravestones there. Many of them had lobored 25 years at this difficult task, working from sunrise to sunset. They claim to have learned everything via apprenticeship or of being self taught. Everything related to preparation of the gravestone is done by hand, though machinery is used to hew the rock from quarries on nearby hillsides.
In 2001, the average price for preparing gravestones was between $300 and $400. The price seemed to be determined primarily from its size, rather than its ornateness. The stone carvers were also involved with painting the grave if the client wished.
Photo: Betty Blair

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