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Reaching out to the community
Hyatt Renovates Baku Orphanage

Life for residents of Baku's Children's House No. 1 is looking much brighter these days, due to the efforts of Hyatt Hotels Baku and the funds raised through its "Change for Hope" initiative. In January 2001, the company set out to renovate the orphanage, which houses a number of young physically and mentally handicapped children, some of them bedridden.

Above: Hyatt Hotels Baku and their staff introduced the 'Change for Hope' fund-raising initiative in January 2001. The proceeds have been designated for Baby House No. 1 Orphanage where extensive renovation of both the exterior and interior of the orphanage has greatly improved the living conditions of the children, providing comfort, warmth and cleanliness. The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room and play rooms have been totally renovated.

Bottom: Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus) visits the children during Hyatt's annual New Year's Party.

The building's bedrooms, kitchen and pantry have been completely renovated, including the floors, ceilings, walls, tile and electrical system. The children's bedrooms now have new curtains, shelves and wardrobes. Likewise, the kitchen has new sinks, ovens, shelves and cupboards, as well as a new staff bathroom.

Hyatt donated the building materials and labor for the renovation. Financial contributions also came from hotel guests and staff, British Airways, Caspian Drilling, GlobalSantaFe and members of Club Oasis. Now that repairs of the building's interior are almost complete, Hyatt is working closely with Baku's International Women's Club to renovate the exterior.

Children at the orphanage are also benefiting from funds donated for specialized medical procedures. For instance, one six-year-boy, Kamran, was given an operation on his clubfoot. Previously, he had had two unsuccessful operations and could not walk properly. Now, after his third operation, Kamran is almost completely recovered. He went to school this year and has the opportunity to live and study among other healthy kids.

Through the "Change for Hope" program, Hyatt staff has been directly involved in helping the children, especially by visiting the orphanage and attending holiday parties. At the recent New Year's party, children from the orphanage enjoyed food, holiday decorations and presents provided by Hyatt as well as an entertainment program presented by ANS-TV, featuring the hosts of "Bala Dili" (Kids' Language). As a way to encourage patrons to donate gifts for the party, Hyatt hotel and Club Oasis lobbies featured "Angel Trees", hung with pictures of children from the orphanage.

For further information, contact Hyatt Hotels Baku at (994-12) 98-12-34, extension 5047.

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