Azerbaijan International

Autumn 2002 (10.3)
Page 76

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Women's History

"Women, Beauty and Sanctity," a new book by writer Sabir Ganjali, addresses the history of women all over the world, with a special focus on Azerbaijan and the Muslim East. This book addresses the historical attitudes toward women, especially those found among ancient Turks and in the Koran. In a chapter on women rulers, he discusses figures such as Cleopatra and Margaret Thatcher, as well as Azerbaijani leaders like Tomris, Nushaba, Mahinbanu and Mahrijan Khanum. He also explores the legacies of female poets like Mahsati Ganjavi and Khurshudbanu Natavan. Ganjali's 335-page encyclopedia is in Azeri, English and Russian. Azerbaijan Publishing House. Available at Click on Store.

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