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Autumn 2002 (10.3)
Page 76

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Caucasus History

The Caucasus Albanian Research Center has recently published Issue No. 2 of its journal entitled "History of the Caucasus". The volume includes articles that were discussed at the Intl Scientific Symposium on Albanistics: "Caucasus Albanian Church" that took place in Baku on November 6-7, 2001. Articles cover topics such as archeological discoveries at the Kish church in the Shaki region of northwestern Azerbaijan, and the history of the Caucasus Albanian Church. Text is in English and Russian. Editor: Farida Mammadova. Articles are by Zaza Alexidze (See AI 10.2), Davud Akhundov, Gulchora Mammadova, Goshgar Goshgarli, Zurab Kananchev, Ayten Salimova, Farida Mammadova and Vilayat Karimov. There is also an interview with the Baku and Caspian Bishop Alexander Ishein. 120 pages. Contact: Tore Seierstad, Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise,

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