Azerbaijan International

Autumn 2002 (10.3)
Page 76

Ali and Nino's Author - One View Point

Hasan Guliyev, a literary critic, has recently published two books that deal with the lives of famous Azerbaijani writers. The first is "This Mysterious Gurban Said, or The Life and Creative Activity of Mahammad Asad Bey: A Critical Biographical Essay." Throughout the 20th century, the real identity and nationality of Kurban Said (Gurban Said)- the author of the love story "Ali and Nino" - remained a mystery. Guliyev argues that Kurban Said (Gurban Said) was actually Mahammad Asad Bey (Essad Bey) and then proceeds to explore the details of the writer's life and creative activity. Guliyev has also written "Suleyman Rahimov: The Scope of Works - A Critical Biographical Essay." The book was published Maarif Publishing House in Baku on the occasion of the Rahimov's 100th Jubilee. Both books are in Russian. Available at Click on Store.

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