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Azerbaijan's Great Artists

Thank you for establishing this Web site - Not only does it feature some great works of art, but it also reminds me of two of the best years of my life and keeps my own fire burning to return to Azerbaijan.
I had the pleasure of working in Azerbaijan (Mingachevir in the north-central part of the country) from July 1998 until August 2000. Such a wonderful country, amazing people, some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen and, of course, fascinating art. I was fortunate enough to buy a painting before I left, which travels with me everywhere I go. Cheers,

W. David Womble

Editor:, a Web site created by Azerbaijan International magazine in 1999, now exhibits more than 1,800 works of art by more than 115 Azeri artists. Art lovers may contact the artists directly via telephone or visit their studios.

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