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Prizes Honor Azerbaijanis
Bahram Askarov

Named Outstanding Scientist of the 20th Century

On February 17, 1998, the International Biography Union in Cambridge, England added the name of Azerbaijani Professor Bahram Askarov to their list of "Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century." He was honored for his outstanding contributions to "Quantum Theory of Transport Phenomena in Solids." This award is the latest addition to an already-lengthy curriculum vitae which spans decades of important contributions to science.

Bahram Askarov graduated with an honors diploma from the Physics Department of Baku State University in 1957. That year, he was accepted for a post graduate position at the Ioffe Institute of Semiconductors (St. Petersburg, Russia) in the Department of Solid State Theory. There he studied with Abram Ioffe, the "Father of the Concept of Semiconductors."

In 1962, in St. Petersburg [Leningrad at the time], Askarov successfully defended his thesis, "The Theory of Thermomagnetic Phenomena in a Strong Magnetic Field." In 1971, he received his Postdoctorate for his work on a monograph entitled "The Kinetic Effects in Semiconductors." For this work, he studied semiconductors, especially the problems of kinetic effects in semiconductors under a strong magnetic field. In 1974, he received the State Prize of Azerbaijan for the monograph.

Askarov is the author of four monographs and more than 100 articles. Many of his works have been published in international scientific journals such as: "Letters to JETP" (Moscow), Journal of Physics (London), Solid State Physics (St. Petersburg), Semiconductors Physics (St. Petersburg), Low Temperature Physics (Kharkov), Phys Status Solidi (Berlin) and others. In 1993 Askarov received a grant from the Soros Foundation so that some of his works could be published in foreign journals.

Professor Askarov is also known for creating the Solid States Physics Department at Baku State University. He is currently head of the department and supervises other science professors and Ph.D. candidates.

Askarov has been Vice Rector at Baku State University since May 1994. Now that Murtaz Alaskarov, former Rector of Baku University, has been appointed Speaker of the Parliament, Dr. Askarov is currently Acting Rector at the university.

For more information about Professor Askarov, see "Scientists Who Made a Difference: Bahram Askarov," (AI 4.2, Summer 1996).

Farhad Azima
Wins Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Farhad Azima, chairman of Aviation Leasing Group, was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor on May 9, 1998. Born in Iran, Azima is of Azerbaijani descent and currently lives in the United States.

Each year, the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) gives Ellis Island awards to ethnic Americans from all backgrounds who have made valuable professional and patriotic contributions. The awards pay tribute to those who have preserved the distinct values and heritage of their ancestors. In 1998, 136 awards were given out, including one for the late Linda McCartney.

The first Ellis Island medals were awarded in 1986. Past recipients include: Presidents George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright (U.S. Secretary of State), Arthur Ashe (famous tennis player), Gregory Peck (film actor), Frank Sinatra (singer-entertainer), Donald Trump (businessman), Bob Hope (comedian/entertainer) and Martina Navratilova (tennis player). The awardees are usually children or grandchildren of immigrants, or even immigrants themselves.

Between 1892 and 1943, Ellis Island was the United States' major immigration station. At the time, most immigrants arrived by ship, so this view of the New York City Harbor was often the first glimpse that they had of their new country. Today, a museum on the site commemorates the estimated 17 million people who came through Ellis Island seeking freedom and opportunity.

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