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Spring 1998 (6.1)

Photo Essay
Spirit of Novruz
Festival of Spring (March 20-21)

In Baku

Novruz...Celebration That Would Not Die

Noruz in Azerbaijan Noruz in Azerbaijan - Maiden's Tower

Above left: Performances on zurna, a traditional wind instrument and with traditional dumbbells (background).

Above right: Tightrope performance in front of Maiden's Tower in Baku.

Noruz in Azerbaijan
Public display of traditional Azerbaijan wrestling, called "gulash," in front of Maiden's Tower.

Noruz in Azerbaijan

Noruz in Azerbaijan
Children celebrating Novruz in a refugee camp.

Spring in Azerbaijan

Above Left: Field of wild poppies

Above Right: "Kosa," bears a close resemblance to Father Christmas. Another Novruz character is "Kechal," the bald-headed one.

Noruz in Azerbaijan
 Noruz in Azerbaijan
Above: Sprouted wheat in all shapes and sizes - a sign of spring and Novruz!

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