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Cultured Society

"I've worked more than 30 years in the Far East, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and I'd have to admit that the Azerbaijani community has the most highly educated and most culturally rich population that I've ever experienced."

Terry Adams, President, AIOC (Azerbaijan International Operating Company), in an interview with "Azerbaijan International" in Baku (October 10, 1996).

Crucial Global Player
"There has been much speculation in the media that Azerbaijan and the Caspian will be like another Middle East. However, a more accurate comparison would be the North Sea. Coincidently, Azerbaijan's proven reserves of 17.5 billion barrels is exactly equivalent to that of the North Sea's. But from the known database, geologically speaking, at least, the equivalent of two more North Seas may be found in the South Caspian."

Terry Adams, President of Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC), at the AmCham Luncheon in Baku on June 26, 1997.

From Azerbaijan International (5.2) Summer 1997.
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