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Murad Adigozalzade

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Arshin Mal Alan
(The Cloth Peddler) - Musical Comedy by Uzeyir Hajibeyov
- Full site dedicated to Uzeyir Hajibeyov
Summer 1994 (2.3),
Cinema Autumn 1997 (5.3)
Arshin Mal Alan

Children's Marionette Theater - Hajibeyov (article), Summer 1994 (2.3)

Ayrilig - "Separation"
(Score*- melody)
Lyrics by Farhad Ibrahimi and music by Ali Salimi

by Ali Salimi (Article and score*)
Autumn 1994 (2.4)

(Article and score*)
Winter 1997 (5.4)

Leyli and Majnun
Hajibeyov's 90th Jubilee of opera - reminiscence by Ramazan Khalilov
Winter 1997 (5.4)

Hajibeyov (Film of opera), Autumn 1997 (5.3)

National Anthem
(Score*). Music by Hajibeyov, lyrics by Ahmad Javad, Autumn 1995 (3.3)

Sana da Galmaz
"Your Beauty Won't Last Forever" (Score*).
Lyrics by Rasul Reza and Music by Tofig Guliyev. Winter 1995 (3.4)

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