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Ilgar Muradov

A voice for our turbulent times - quiet, calm, soothing.


Quiet. Calm. Soothing. Ilgar Muradov's rich tenor voice is easily recognizable in the vast sea of contemporary Azerbaijani musicians. His interpretations of Azerbaijan's native genres of folksongs and love songs are always hauntingly memorable for their nuance and texture, and for their emotional rendering of lyrics.

Produced by Azerbaijan International, 2003

1. Gurban Adina
2. Bana-Bana Gal (Come to Me)
3. O Gozlar (Those Eyes)
4. Otushur Zaman (Time Passes)
5. Lachin
6. Asgarin Ariyasi (Asgar's Aria)
7. Bulag Usta (On the Spring)
8. Omrumun Istayi (The Desire of My Life)
9. Labi-Lab
10. Sari Galin
11. Badamli

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