Azerbaijan International

Volume 15.1
page 58-59

Socialist Realism
Alakbar Rezaguliyev (1903-1974)

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Azerbaijani artist Alakbar Rezaguliyev (1903-1974) concentrated primarily on linoleum woodcuts after coming to the realization that his ability to discern colors had been damaged from confinement as a political prisoner during Stalin's era. For nearly 25 years, he had been imprisoned in labor camps in severe snowy climes. When finally released, Alakbar became a prolific artist and created an enormous body of work in the 1960s and early 1970s. His work, however, does not absolutely fit the category of Socialist Realism, as his women are not always glowing in admiration of their plight and heavy responsibilities. To read more about Alakbar, search To visit his studio, contact his son Aydin in Baku at Tel: (994-12) 438-2473.

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