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Tore Seierstad worked in Azerbaijan as Director of Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise (NHE) Normisjon from 2000-2003. Today, as Director of the Danvik School of Media and Communication (Folk High School) in Drammen, Norway, he continues to forge ties with Azerbaijan by creating the circumstances for students to make study trips in Azerbaijan to explore what he calls a "treasure trove of culture, history, ethnic groups and languages". Of particular interest to him are the Udins, a group of people who trace their roots to the Caucasian Albanians of the region who were among some of the earliest Christians in the world. Visit Danvik's Web Page 30.

These days, there's so much talk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a term for severe psychological consequences, especially due to war. Though Zara Imayeva makes no claims of having studied this syndrome clinically, she's convinced that many psychiatrists and psychologists are getting it all wrong in their treatment of children. "It's absolutely wrong to talk with children about their experiences in war. Children's minds are ready to replace negative emotions with positive ones," she says. She should know. Zara, who survived the trauma of war in Chechnya, now diverts the energy and imagination of children in dramatic productions such as "Little Prince" by St. Exupery at the Didi Art Therapy Studio in Baku. Page 48.

Teacher and project coordinator for the Caucasus Project at the Danvik School of Media and Communications in Drammen, Norway, John Gjertsen has made six trips to Azerbaijan since 2005. During those 16 weeks that he spent exploring Baku and the countryside, several weeks were spent backpacking and camping in the soaring Caucasus mountains. His photos here provide a rare glimpse of breath-taking beauty of the landscapes. On the last trip this February 2007, students made four films. See Page 30. Contact John Gjertsen:



Jim Skinner soon hopes to be on his way to Azerbaijan to study the phenomenon of mud volcanoes. A geologist with the Astrogeology Research Team of the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff, Arizona, he specializes in terrestrial, Martian, and lunar geologic studies. Skinner is hoping that understanding the nature of mud volcanoes on earth will provide insight into his scientific research with NASA to determine what may be a similar phenomenon or process on Mars. Page 38 / 46.



Azerbaijan International has been published quarterly since 1993, but the issue that coincides with the Caspian Oil & Gas issue each June always requires a much heavier workload due to the meticulous attention we have to spend gathering information for our directories featuring the embassies and our international advertisers. Thanks to Shafa Karimova of Azerbaijan International's editorial staff for her persistent watchful eye. We couldn't have done this issue without her.


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