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Autumn 2006 (14.3)

Maiden Tower
Cupmarks in South Easterly Direction in Azerbaijan
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All photos: Gallagher

1. Turkan Cup Mark Array of 12 peach-sized indications carved out of the rock in a circular pattern, SE (southeast) orientation, Absheron Peninsula.

2. Another Turkan Cup Mark Array of 12 holes, SE orientation, Absheron Peninsula.

5. Kanizdagh Cup Mark Array, 15 holes, SE orientation, located near Azerbaijan's largest mud volcano.

6. Nardaran Cup Mark Array of 10 holes. SSE orientation. This arrangement may have been used for some sort of counting function.

7. Shuvalan Cup Mark Array bears close similarity to the ancient Near East board game known as "Hounds and Jackal", which has been found as "grave goods" in ancient Egypt, Iraq and Palestine, NW/SE orientation.

8. Hajigabul Cup Mark Array, 14 holes, with a larger Cup Mark or Pot Hole nearby. ESE orientation.

9. Gobu Cup Mark Array, 18 peripheral Cup Marks and 4 internal ones. It may have served as a type of calendar. Nearby is a cistern large enough for an adult to sit in or even to bathe. SE orientation.

10 and 11. V-shaped Sacrificial Holes. The "V" represents two limbs that orient to the east and northeast. Several of these carvings were found on the Absheron Peninsula near the village of Yeni Turkan but they were destroyed in 2003 by blasting of a nearby limestone quarry. At first these carvings were thought to be examples of erosion but after 14 were found in a localized area, they were judged to be manmade.


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