Azerbaijan International

Autumn 2006 (14.3)
Page 41

Maiden Tower
Azerbaijan International Proud to be First to Publish
New Theories about Maiden Tower

Azerbaijan International is proud to be the first publication to write about this discovery (in any language - English, Azeri or Russian). It is the hope of our magazine staff along with Abbas Islamov and Ronnie Gallagher who identified this phenomenon that further scientific and archaeological investigation will lead to the establishment of an annual tradition of opening the Tower as a public event and a further unraveling of the mysteries of Baku's most distinguished landmark: the Maiden Tower.

Hopefully, these dates will become a traditional tourist attraction in the future just as they are in many other parts of the world where thousands of onlookers rise early and line up in front of these monuments to get the chance to view this sunrise phenomenon. May such commemorations remind us of the ingenuity in the construction of the Maiden Tower and Early Man's deep respect and awe for the wonders of Nature.


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