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UCLA Offers Azeri Again
by Kurtulush Oztopchu

For the second academic year, UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) is offering Elementary Azeri language classes. Prior to last year, UCLA had only offered Azeri in summer courses. Interest in Azeri is growing and now the class is becoming a regular part of the university curriculum. The course offers 4 units of credit and currently six students are enrolled.

The class is taught by Kurtulush Oztopchu, who is the author of the text Elementary Azerbaijani, now in its second edition (2000, 2003), The grammar (pictured above) is nearly 400 pages and written for English speakers. There is a set of three CDs to assist with pronunciation. Both text and CDs are available at AI Store at

Dr. Oztopchu has also just completed another grammar book - Elementary Turkish - which will be available in 2006. The text is 650 pages and includes two CDs.

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