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Azeri Flag
by Rovshan Sadigbeyli

Upon arrival in Washington DC this past summer to do an internship with the Atlantic Council, I was surprised to see a Metro bus with a large poster showing several flags including Azerbaijan's, along with the slogan: "Your Backyard Just Got Bigger!"

Azerbaijan's Flag! I was impressed that our flag had been selected as there are 184 countries in the world. It turns out that the ad was for WETA 90.9 FM Radio, the leading public broadcasting station in the US capital which serves Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Their news partners are BBC (British Broadcasting Company) and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

According to Delinda Mrowka of WETA, they wanted to show the breadth of their news coverage with flags from different parts of the world, especially those with which Americans might not be familiar so they chose Azerbaijan, Finland, Brazil, Japan, UK, India, Angola, Barbados and Bhutan.

Rovshan Sadigbayli, Muskie Student
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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