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Azerbaijani Food

I've recently come across your article in Azerbaijan International about healthful eating habits of the Azerbaijani people ["Nutrition for Longevity", by Farid Alakbarov, AI 8.3 (Autumn 2000). Search at].

My wife and I are very interested in Azerbaijani food and culture as we have adopted a baby boy from Azerbaijan last fall and hope to adopt a little girl this fall. We are planning a celebration for the one-year anniversary of our son so we're in search of some recipes from the Internet, but we're having trouble finding any. In particular, we really enjoyed these dishes: Azerbaijani breads-Lavash as well as bread baked in a mud-oven called tandir, dushbara [dumplings], lula-kabab, lentil soup and Mimosa salad [layers of chicken, egg, potato and carrot covered with mayonnaise and then yellow cheese spread on top].

My wife and I spent six weeks in Baku during the adoption process, and we absolutely loved it! We found the people to be among the friendliest and most affectionate people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We made several friends and still stay in contact with some of them. We love Baku and were able to travel to several other places as well-Gobustan [prehistoric petroglyphs] and Gara-Bulag, a year-round resort in Gusar, near Long Forest Resort near Guba in north Azerbaijan. It was wonderful!

We would love to be more involved in the Azerbaijani culture and raise our children with a deep love for its culture. We think food is one way and that's why our search for some of these recipes. Thanks so much.

Eric Abbott
Ironwood, Michigan

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