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Geology Conference

Studying Lake Structures

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the world's largest geological organization, held a research conference in Baku on May 17-21, 2004.

Left: Kevin Sylvester (BP), Alan Carroll (University of Wisconsin), Steve Hasiotis (University of Kansas), Cari Johnson (University of Utah) at the Core Workshop at Azlab.

The focus of these meetings was to discuss: "Sandstone Deposition in Lacustrine Environments: Implications for Exploration and Reservoir Development".

Nearly 60 researchers from 15 countries, who are actively studying lacustrine (or lake) sandstones and hydrocarbon systems, attended the conference. Eleven of the participants were from research organizations in Baku. This was the first time the AAPG has held a conference focusing on sandstone deposition and stratigraphy in lacustrine basins. Lacustrine sandstones are the main producing sands in the South Caspian. Most lake studies are about the muds since in the past researchers were concerned about better understanding the source rock potential of these muds. Also, since there are excessive deposits in lakes, the geologists wanted to understand how the sands are deposited there. This, in turn, helps them to predict how far down to dip to find reservoirs.

Most of the literature never discusses what is happening to the coarser grained sediments in three dimensions. This is quite different from when geologists study deep-water sediments where there is an immense volume of literature, which discusses depositional models for the deep water.

Left: Geologists who attended the Conference at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, getting a close look at some of the geological phenomenon in the Kirmaky Valley.

The lake systems that were presented at the conference came from studies that have been conducted throughout the world, including the US (Texas, Wyoming and Utah), China, Israel, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Chad and Mongolia.

The conference included three days of presentations, including structured and informal discussions, as well as visiting the outcrops in Kirmaky Valley and looking at cores from equivalent units in the AGC (Azeri-Gunashli-Chirag) mega-structure fields.

At the conclusion of the conference, the Azerbaijan Society of Petroleum Geologists (ASPG) arranged tours to the mud volcanoes outside of Baku and a two-day trip to Shaki and Shamakha.

The conference, which took place at the Hyatt, was conducted in English and sponsored by Azerbaijan Society of Petroleum Geologists (ASPG), ConocoPhillips, BP and ExxonMobil. The group of co-conveners included Terry Baganz (ConocoPhillips), Akif Narimanov (SOCAR), Kevin Bohacs (ExxonMobil), Greg Riley (BP), Dag Nummedal (University of Wyoming), Gabor Vakarcs (MOL, Hungary) and John Sneider (Sneider Exploration of Houston).

Contact: Terry Baganz in Houston:

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