Azerbaijan International

Winter 2003 (11.4)
Page 23

Invisible Energy Within Us

"Many people really don't understand what war is all about, but I've experienced it. War is absolute destruction: broken lives, broken fates and broken loves. It's so difficult to survive all that.

Because of war, I completely lost my sight at the age of 20. One cannot imagine how deep I sank and how immensely I suffered. To lose your sight is so devastating. They say a drowning person will even grasp at a straw. But, frankly speaking, there wasn't even a single straw to grasp. But we never know how much energy and potential we carry within us. It was that invisible energy that enabled me to gradually rise up and deal with this crisis in my life."

Faig Karimov, 31, reflecting on his struggles to find meaning in his life after he was injured in the Nagorno-Karabakh war. He finally decided to study English and went on to earn his Master's Degree. He now teaches Oral Translation at the State University of Languages.

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