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Winter 2003 (11.4)
Page 23

International Policy - The Right Way

(1) Heydar Aliyev - Interviews and Articles
(2) Editorial: Goodbye Mr. President - Blair
(3) More Quotes by Heydar Aliyev

"You can't be friends with some countries and enemies with others, despite the fact that this is the way most countries function. You have to take into consideration the special interests of each country. Azerbaijan doesn't want to be enemies with any country. At the same time, we will not become victim to another country's policies. We have our own independent policy. As well, we are developing good relations with Europe and America and seek to benefit from their experiences, while preserving our own national identity and our own resources. Future leaders must pursue the policy that I have put in place. If they do, then they will succeed. If not, then Azerbaijan will face enormous tragedy."

Heydar Aliyev (May 10, 1923-December 12, 2003) who served as President of Azerbaijan (1993-2003) in an interview with Azerbaijan International's editor, Betty Blair, in 1999 when asked what advice he would give to future leaders of Azerbaijan in the 21st century in regard to foreign policy, given that Azerbaijan was a small country surrounded by Russia, Iran, Armenia, Turkey and Georgia?

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