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Winter 2002 (10.4)

Baku's Winter Wonderland
Photo Essay - A Perspective from Our Readers

On December 10, 2002, a rare blizzard blanketed Baku with more snow than the city had seen in the previous 20 years. Via email, we invited our readers to send us photos that would capture the spirit of this beautiful phenomenon. From more than 150 photos that we received, we've chosen these scenes to represent a glimpse of Baku's Winter Wonderland.

Congratulations to these fine photographers. For our Spring 2003 issue, we invite readers from all over the world to send us photos that capture the joyous celebration of Novruz 2003 (Ancient Rite of Spring, March 21-22). Send your photos to Azerbaijan International Editor no later than March 23, 2003. Send digital format at 300 dpi, 7 inches wide. Contact us for more details:

Photos below: (left to right) German Church, 28th of May Street - Chingiz Samadzade
Enjoying the snow in the Old City -
Ilham T. Aliyev of Tutu Books
Minaret in Old City -
Ismayil Mammad

Below: Maiden's Tower in Baku - Chingiz Samadzade
Statue of Maestro Niyazi at Akhundov Library -
Maya Fatheldin

Below: Waiting for a taxi outside Hyatt - Richard Westell
Chilling the wine at Hyatt: Greg Sanowski, Richard Westell and Paul Warren -
Teymur Akhundov

Below: Palms outside the citadel walls of Baku's Inner City - Alakbar Aghasiyev
Snow-covered tables at Hyatt -
Farman Mehtizade

Below: (below the first raw) Snow-laced trees in one of Baku's central parks - Art Mani
View of Caspian from Government House -
Art Mani

Below: Norwegian ski lover, Erlend Tjaaland - Arve Aasebo Tjaaland
Snow covered streets in Baku - Jeyhun Mammadov

Below: City Hall, Baksovet, in downtown Baku - Alakbar Aghasiyev
Snow Girl near Opera House -
Ilham T. Aliyev of TUTU Publishing

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